Common Situations That Relate To Your Adult Child And Car Insurance That You Should Avoid Making

As a parent, wanting to make things easier for your adult child is probably your first response, especially if you know that he or she has been having a tough time lately. Unfortunately, some of the ways you might want to help could actually become very problematic down the road for everyone involved, including the insurance company. The following examples are common situations that you should avoid participating in whenever possible. Your Adult Child Buys Or Is Given Your Car.

Refuting Routine Myths About Flood Damage

Flood damage has the potential to destroy your home and all of your possessions inside it. Unfortunately, it is common for homeowners to be fairly uninformed and inexperienced with addressing this risk. This can result in their putting faith in some fairly routinely held misconceptions when it comes to this risk. By having these notions refuted, you will find yourself better able to protect your house against flood damage. Myth: Homeowners Insurance Always Protects Against Water Damage

Frequently Asked Questions About SR22 Insurance

Many states require drivers who are considered high risk to submit proof of an SR-22 insurance policy, also called FR-44 in a few states, to the DMV or courts in order to reinstate or keep a driver's license. If you have never had this type of insurance policy before, you may have many questions about it. Here are a few frequently asked questions about SR-22 insurance. Why Would Someone Need to Have SR-22 Insurance?

Do You Need Your Licenses For A Sales Position But Got A DUI? What To Do

If you are in sales and drive a lot for a living, but you got a DUI, you want to make sure you can still drive after you see the judge for your case. There will be a lot of things you need to do if you want to keep your driving privileges, and if you're at least hoping to get a work permit. Look into the following so you are prepared when you are supposed to arrive to face the charges.

Avoid A Distracted Driving Accident Or Fine And Keep Your Insurance Rate Low With These Devices

Distracted driving is something that many police forces are cracking down on, given the risk that this behavior puts drivers in. One of the best ways to keep your insurance rate low year after year is by avoiding accidents and tickets — and preventing yourself from being distracted behind the wheel is a good way to avoid such issues. In addition to committing to not using your cellphone while driving, there are a number of specific devices that you can get for your vehicle to help you maintain your focus.