Entertaining On Your Boat? How Can You Keep Your Insurance Rates Down?

If you own a boat that you often use for social gatherings, you're probably already aware that your watercraft coverage includes liability coverage for on-board accidents. However, the liability rates for watercraft (particularly those frequently used for parties) can be steep. How can you reduce your insurance premiums while still making sure you're adequately covered in the event of an accident or other claim? Read on to learn more about watercraft insurance, as well as what you should do to maximize your coverage for a low cost.

Work From Home? Make Sure Your Renter's Insurance Policy Covers Your Home Office

Around 30 million people work from home at least one day a week in the United States. If you count yourself among those who works from home at least once a week, you may want to check your renter's insurance policy to make sure that your home office equipment is covered under your current policy. Find Out The Home Office Limit On Your Renter's Insurance Policy  Most renter's insurance policies offer coverage for your home office.