Avoid A Distracted Driving Accident Or Fine And Keep Your Insurance Rate Low With These Devices

Distracted driving is something that many police forces are cracking down on, given the risk that this behavior puts drivers in. One of the best ways to keep your insurance rate low year after year is by avoiding accidents and tickets — and preventing yourself from being distracted behind the wheel is a good way to avoid such issues. In addition to committing to not using your cellphone while driving, there are a number of specific devices that you can get for your vehicle to help you maintain your focus. Here are some ideas that can keep you out of trouble and help your insurance rate stay low.

Cellphone Earpiece

If you frequently find yourself talking on the phone while you drive, an earpiece is a must-have device to avoid distractions behind the wheel. Instead of having to fumble to grab your cellphone when it rings, you'll be able to simply press a button on the outside of the earpiece to take the call. And, when the call wraps up, another tap of the button will end the connection. The use of this earpiece means that you'll be able to keep both hands on the steering wheel for safety — and that you won't be seen using your cellphone by a police officer and handed a ticket that could affect your insurance rate.

Cellphone Dashboard Mount

It's acceptable to use your smartphone's GPS app to help you navigate when you're driving, but holding the device in your hand could increase your risk of getting in an accident or getting a ticket for distracted driving. You won't have to worry about such issues if you buy a dashboard mount that holds the phone. These mounts are available in several styles; some clip to a vent in the dashboard, while others have a suction cup mount. In either case, the mount keeps the phone in a visible position that isn't distracting.

Satellite Radio

On the surface, people commonly view satellite radio as an enjoyable way to pass the time behind the wheel. However, the presence of this subscription service also prevents you from being distracted. The benefit of satellite radio is its commercial-free nature. This allows you to tune to your favored station and enjoy. With terrestrial radio, frequent commercial breaks can prompt you to dial around to different stations, which takes some of your attention off the road and could potentially increase your risk of an accident or ticket.