Deciding Between Whole Life And Term Insurance

While death can be an awkward thing to think about, it's a reality that you do need to plan for when it comes to your personal finances. Thankfully, there are life insurance policies that you can purchase to give your family financial stability after you pass away. Unfortunately, there is not a single "one size fits all" policy that can easily be recommended, since there are different options that can be better or worse depending on your need.

Why You Should Stay On Your Parent's Auto Insurance Policy, And Why You May Be Kicked Off It

As a teenager who has just received their first car, you have the option of staying on your parent's auto insurance policy or buying your own. Most young people find it beneficial to stay on their parent's policy because of one main benefit: It's Inexpensive It is cheaper to lump your insurance together with your parents than to buy your own. This is because insurers consider teenagers high-risk drivers. When you stay on your parent's policy, their rates go up a little, but the increase is rarely as much as you would pay for your own coverage.

3 Ways To Protect Your Children's Best Interests When Taking Out A Life Insurance Policy

Life insurance is not a top priority for most Americans. In fact, less than 4 in 10 Americans polled have even expressed a concern regarding taking out a life insurance policy under their name. While ideally you'd live to a ripe, old age, it's important to expect the unexpected – especially if you have children. Taking out a life insurance policy will help make sure that your children will be financially set and taken care of should anything happen to you.

High Risk Insurance? Here's How To Reduce It

Being labeled as a high risk driver can be a big problem if it causes your insurance rates to shoot up. There are a couple of things that you can do to find more reasonable auto insurance rates when you're being labeled as a bad driver.  Make Sure the Records are Correct If you've got a few real charges on your driving record, there's no sense in paying extra for an inaccurate charge.

What To Look For When Shopping For Car Insurance

Are you shopping for your first ever auto insurance policy? If you are, you may have already noticed that many insurance companies can offer the same type of coverage that you need. However, the big difference that you will find when coming across multiple insurance companies is the type of technology and service features they offer with their coverage. The technology and customer service aspects are the biggest factor to consider when selecting a new insurance company.