Minor Now, Major Later: Why You Should Report Any Accidents To Your Insurance Agent Even If You Don't See Damage

It happens to most people at some point -- a car taps yours, your car taps someone else's, or your car gently bumps into something like a shopping cart at a low speed. If that's happened to you, you've likely been tempted to avoid filing an insurance claim if you think there's no damage. However, even if you don't proceed with a full claim, you should let your insurance company know that something happened.

How Can You Fight For Root Canal Coverage?

If you've been suffering intermittent pain in your tooth while chewing or eating especially hot or cold foods, you may suspect you need a root canal in order to save your tooth. However, you could be dismayed upon finding out that your dental insurance will pay only for an extraction of the affected tooth, rather than a root canal. You may be reluctant to pay additional costs to have a root canal performed when an extraction will end your dental pain just as effectively -- however, in some situations, an extraction could cause you trouble down the road.

Reduce Your Workers Compensation Insurance Rates By Staying Out Of The Assigned-Risk Pool

As an employer, you cannot avoid having workers compensation insurance. All 50 states require employers to carry some form of workers compensation insurance. However, there are many ways you can control and reduce the premium that you are required to pay for your business's workers compensation insurance. One way to do that is by staying out of the assigned-risk pool. Behaviors That Put You In The Assigned-Risk Pool Your business can land in the assigned-risk pool with workers compensation insurance companies by either having a very poor safety record riddled with infractions or by running a business that has an extremely high degree of risk.

Stay Safe On Your Summer Vacation To Help Keep Your Auto Insurance Low

Although there are a number of ways that you can avoid an increase in your auto insurance rate or even help lower this number year after year, one of the simplest methods is to avoid being in an at-fault accident. If you're getting set to take a summer vacation by car, it's worth brushing up on some road safety tips to help decrease your odds of being involved in a collision.

When You Break Up With Your Windshield: Building A Good Auto Insurance Relationship

You probably already have an auto insurance policy, but do you know how that policy will handle an auto glass disaster?  If your windshield is broken, a replacement is usually essential if you want to stay on the road safely. Some auto insurance policies will buy you a new windshield without any questions, but many insurance companies make it a bit more complicated. Keep reading to find out how your insurance company may handle it when you break up with your windshield.