When You Break Up With Your Windshield: Building A Good Auto Insurance Relationship

You probably already have an auto insurance policy, but do you know how that policy will handle an auto glass disaster?  If your windshield is broken, a replacement is usually essential if you want to stay on the road safely. Some auto insurance policies will buy you a new windshield without any questions, but many insurance companies make it a bit more complicated. Keep reading to find out how your insurance company may handle it when you break up with your windshield.

It's Not You, It's Me: When You Caused The Damage

If you caused the windshield damage, your insurance policy will usually handle it differently than it would if the damage happened due to another driver. In fact, they only get involved if you caused the damage yourself.

  • Collision Damage From Another Driver: In most cases, a windshield broken in a collision caused by another driver will be fully repaired by the insurance company of the responsible driver. Usually, your insurance company won't even be involved in this situation.
  • Collision Damage Caused By You: If you are responsible for a collision that seriously damaged your windshield, your insurance company will usually pay for a new windshield because it is part of the necessary repairs to make the vehicle roadworthy again. This may include not only auto collisions but also collisions with animals or even buildings.

It's a Disaster: A Natural Disaster, That Is

Natural disasters are simply not avoidable, and unfortunately they may target your formerly pristine auto windshield sometimes. The majority of auto insurance policies do cover natural disaster damage to auto windshields. This would typically include situations like:

  • Ice Damage: Windshield cracks due to hail, for example.
  • Snow Damage: Windshield that buckles due to snow weight, for example.
  • Lightning Damage: A windshield that was struck by lightning, causing it to shatter, for example.

I Don't Know What Happened: When The Cause is Undetermined

When you suddenly notice that your windshield has a big crack – or even a couple of big cracks – but you don't know how it happened, the insurance company coverage may be more complicated.

Usually, this type of damage is caused by something like flying rocks or debris while you're driving. It is not typically covered by the average auto insurance policy, but you can change that by arranging for a vehicle glass rider. This is an auto insurance policy addition that gives you glass coverage, regardless of the situation.

It just makes sense to check your policy right now to be sure about how you insurance company will help you when the time comes. If you need to make a small policy change in the form of a rider, do so asap. It will help you prepare for that auto glass breakup even before it happens!

To get an auto insurance quote, make some calls or do an online search.