High Risk Insurance? Here's How To Reduce It

Being labeled as a high risk driver can be a big problem if it causes your insurance rates to shoot up. There are a couple of things that you can do to find more reasonable auto insurance rates when you're being labeled as a bad driver.  Make Sure the Records are Correct If you've got a few real charges on your driving record, there's no sense in paying extra for an inaccurate charge.

What To Look For When Shopping For Car Insurance

Are you shopping for your first ever auto insurance policy? If you are, you may have already noticed that many insurance companies can offer the same type of coverage that you need. However, the big difference that you will find when coming across multiple insurance companies is the type of technology and service features they offer with their coverage. The technology and customer service aspects are the biggest factor to consider when selecting a new insurance company.

Four Situations In Which It Pays To File Small Auto Insurance Claims

Most motorists accept the advice that it doesn't pay to make small auto insurance claims. For example, if a claim is only slightly bigger than its deductible, it wouldn't make sense to file it since you won't be getting a substantial return and risk being hit by a rate increase. However, there are cases where it's still advisable to make such claims; here are three examples of such cases: Someone Else Was Involved

Commercial Insurance: 3 Helpful Insurance Claim Tips All Business Owners Need To Know

Commercial insurance is a must-have for anyone that owns a business. After all, it protects your business from unplanned events, such as a burglary or natural disaster. However, having it doesn't do you any good if you don't know what to do after an incident. Unfortunately, too many business owners don't know how to file a claim and they overlook small details that could have saved them a lot of time, frustration, and money.

Tips For Taking Pictures Of The Scene After A Car Accident

Being in a car accident can instantly make you lose your composure, but it's important to do your best to remain calm so that you can accurately assess the situation. Whether you're in a major wreck or a minor fender-bender, it's advantageous to take a series of photos with your smartphone to help document the situation when it comes time to work on your insurance claim. While your description of the events leading up to the accident will also be beneficial, having photographic evidence of the story you're telling will erase any doubt in the mind of the adjuster – and help you have definitive proof if you forgot a key detail because of your stress.