Tips For Taking Pictures Of The Scene After A Car Accident

Being in a car accident can instantly make you lose your composure, but it's important to do your best to remain calm so that you can accurately assess the situation. Whether you're in a major wreck or a minor fender-bender, it's advantageous to take a series of photos with your smartphone to help document the situation when it comes time to work on your insurance claim. While your description of the events leading up to the accident will also be beneficial, having photographic evidence of the story you're telling will erase any doubt in the mind of the adjuster – and help you have definitive proof if you forgot a key detail because of your stress. Here are some tips for taking photos of the scene.

Clearly Document The Damage

It's important to snap a series of photos that clearly depict the damage that your vehicle has suffered. Whether it's a crushed rear end or simply a scrape and dent on the quarter panel, take images from close range and medium range, and from a variety of different angles, to ensure that the pictures will tell the story of the damage. If the light is low, make sure to use your smartphone's flash – but check the photos to ensure that the damage isn't washed out by the light.

Step Back For Wide-Angle Shots

While close-up images will show the exact nature of the damage, wide-angle photos can often tell the story of how the accident took place. Taking wide-angle shots means that you'll need to walk a handful of paces away from the vehicles, so be sure to do so safely – and remember that some approaching motorists might be distracted by the accident and not necessarily notice you. Try to take wide-angle shots from each side of the vehicle; you can never go wrong with having a surplus of images to submit to your claim agent.

Take Other Relevant Shots

Stepping back to survey the scene can reveal additional things that should be documented with photos. For example, taking a shot of a long series of skid marks can reveal that the other motorist involved was traveling at a high rate of speed. As morbid as it might seem, taking a photo of a dead squirrel could show that you ran over the animal, which might have caused the accident. Remember that your smartphone will allow you to take a monumental number of photos without compromising your storage; when in doubt, err on the side of taking shots of everything that you might think is relevant. Contact a business, such as Allstar Insurance, for more information.