Learn How To File A Claim With Your Insurance Company If Your Christmas Presents Are Stolen

Christmas Day is typically a big travel day for many families because they want to spend the special day with loved ones. When you leave your home, thieves know that there are often many new, expensive items that you and your loved ones received for Christmas. If you come home to find that everything has been stolen, use the following guide to know what to do.

Call the Police Immediately

It may seem obvious that you need to call the police if your home has been broken into, but some people are in such a state of shock that they do not realize how imperative it is for them to call the police right away. The thieves are more than likely still in the area casing out other homes to rob. The sooner the police can get to the scene, the sooner they can start patrolling your neighborhood looking for suspects.

Take Pictures

Make sure to take pictures of everything. You want to be sure that any damage to your home and all evidence that things were stolen is obvious in the pictures. You will need to submit them to your homeowner's insurance company when you file your claim.

Gather Your Receipts

While you may not have pictures of every item that was purchased, there is a good chance that you have receipts, credit card bills, or bank statements that show where and when you spent the money on the gifts. Verifying the value that you paid for each gift will better your chance of being fully reimbursed for the amount you have lost.

Call Your Insurance Company

Next, you need to contact your insurance company as soon as possible to let them know what happened. An insurance agent may be sent to your home to assess the damage that has been done or the company may simply ask you to fax them proof of your claims. The receipts, police report, and pictures will all need to be faxed over. The company will send you a check for the amount they determine the items are worth through the mail or they may let you pick it up at your local insurance office.

Once you have received your check from your insurance company, you can go and buy everything that was stolen again. If the items are recovered, but are damaged, you can let your insurance company know and they may still pay for the cost to replace the items, if they are not usable. Click here for more information on homeowners insurance.