New Trends In Car Insurance: What's Electronic Proof Of Auto Insurance?

In the past, when law enforcement stopped you for a traffic violation, you had to show proof of your car insurance or risk a fine. In some cases, you were reported to the state for not having the proper insurance coverage on your car and penalized by losing your driver's license or registration. Recent trends in auto insurance reveal that some states, such as West Virginia, now allow you to show electronic proof of your insurance coverage with your electronic device. There's a reason for this change in driving laws.

How Can Irresponsible Drivers Affect Good Drivers?

Drivers who don't insure their vehicles can't show law enforcement officers proof of coverage because they don't have insurance cards. Some people may obtain the minimum coverage required by their state to renew their driver's licenses, then let it expire. If law enforcement stops responsible drivers who simply left their insurance cards at home, the drivers can still receive fines or penalties.

To protect responsible drivers, states now give you the option of showing police officers your insurance policy coverage with your cell phone, tablet or laptop. You can do so by downloading an app from your insurance company.

How Can You Access Your Insurance Information on Your Electronic Device?

You can access the electronic proof of auto insurance app when you visit your insurance provider's website. Depending on your insurance provider, you may need to log into your personal account to access the app.

Some individuals may try take advantage of the electronic proof of auto insurance law by using fake apps. To protect you, your insurer may require you to answer security questions about your account. You may want to log into your account and look over your personal information before you download the app.

Once you download the app, you may find it easy to use or navigate. The app will pull up an exact replica of your insurance card, which shows the date you obtained your coverage, the expiration date of your coverage, and the type of coverage you have on your vehicle.

The app may also provide information about your coverage, benefits and much more. A number of insurance companies give you the option of paying your bill through the app, so this benefits you in other ways as well.

How Do You Access the App If the Police Stop You?

If you're stopped by law enforcement, you can access your account information with your account number and pass code. If your insurance company has extensive security measures in place, you may need to verify your date of birth, social security number, and address. However, not all electronic insurance apps have the same features. Your app may request other types of verification information. 

If you need help understanding the new electronic auto insurance law, contact an insurance provider (such as United Security Agency) today.