Support Questionable Insurance Claims With Photo And Video Evidence

Commercial truckers on the long haul may run into a lot of strange surprises, but it may be difficult to be compensated for some situational issues. From stolen parts to suspicious looking surface damage, your insurance company may be quite confused about some of the issues before allowing payment. Using mobile devices such as smartphones and tablet computers, you can promote your claim with more clarity.

Paint Splashes And Supply Spills Out Of Your Control

It's one thing to lose your own cargo, but if your truck has been damaged or discolored by someone else's spill, you'll need to prove their fault. Proving fault becomes more difficult when the culprit isn't around.

For example, what if you're driving down a highway or going around a corner, only to drive through a spilled splash of paint. The paint may not be some simple, washable problem that only takes a few hours and not many dollars; if the paint is meant to last for years, you may have permanent damage that requires sandblasting and repainting. 

There's more than just cosmetic damage to worry about. If the paint is thick enough, your tires may become too slippery to stop consistently. The problem may eventually wear away, but for safety reasons you'll either have to scrub the tires or replace them.

Depending on how the splash occurred, you may get paint on the axles or the most exposed internal components. While your engine is mostly protected, brakes and suspension could be covered as well.

If the culprit isn't around, you'll need to take pictures quickly. Pull over to the side of the road, or find a safe stopping point to return. Look for any of the spilled materials and take pictures of the road. The gleam of light against wet paint can help you prove the timeliness of the issue, but avoid tampering with the road. Even if it is a safety hazard, it isn't your job to clean someone else's public road spill and you may put yourself in a liable position.

Get The Word Out In A Timely Fashion

Once you have the evidence, you'll need to do more than just file a claim. Your insurance company may be able to compensate you, but the amount may be partial if there's any question of fault. 

Using the previous paint example, it's likely that other drivers have suffered the same fate. Especially with expensive, privately owned vehicles, there may be a lot of anger and frustration over car damage from such careless accidents.

Use social media and news groups to ask if anyone else knows about the spill. You could work on the momentum of other frustrated victims to find the culprit and put a face on your accident claim. For help with filing claims for such odd accidents or to get a more comprehensive insurance policy to cover local oddities, contact a commercial truck insurance agent such as Truck Writers.